Circle de Soleil Hat

2 skeins Shibui Heichi or 150 yards of worsted or heavy worsted weight yarn
Size 7 double pointed needles or 16″ circular needle (or longer if using magic loop method)

Gauge: 4 stitches=1″ on size 7 needles using Shibui Heichi yarn
This 100% silk yarn knits up at a larger gauge than a typical worsted weight yarn
One size fits most adults.

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Wrap & Turn: Bring yarn to front. Slip next stitch to right hand needle. Bring yarn to back. Put slipped stitch back on left hand needle. Turn work.


Cast on 14 stitches using a crochet provisional cast-on.  Then, repeat the following 14 rows 12 times:

1. Knit 1 row. (Omit this row on the first repeat)
2. Knit 1 row
3. K12, wrap and turn
4. K 12
5. K 10  wrap and turn
6. K 10
7. K 8  wrap and turn
8. K 8
9. K6  wrap and turn
10. K6
11. K4  wrap and turn
12. K4
13. K2  wrap and turn
14. K2
Knit one row after last repeat.

Kitchener stitch ends together to form crown of hat. Thread yarn through center purl bumps; pull together fairly tightly, and weave ends in.

Hat body:

Slide your #7 needle(s) of choice through the purl bumps around the edge of crown. You will be knitting the hat from the top down. There should be 85 purl bumps, but if you have a few more or less that’s fine.

Repeat the following nine rounds twice:

1. Purl
2. Knit
3. Purl
4. Knit
5. Purl
Rounds 6-9. Knit

End with rows 1-6, purl one more round; then bind off purl-wise.

Sew in loose ends. I made a crocheted flower, which I attached with a safety pin so the hat can also be worn plain. If you don’t crochet, you can use a brooch, cut a flower out of felt, or sew on a decorative button.

You can make the hat longer by repeating rounds 1-9 one more time, or by increasing the amount of purl ridge rounds (Purl one round, knit one round). You can also make a plain stockinette stitch hat. Make one hat according to the pattern, and then experiment! This is a versatile hat which can be worn as a cloche, a slouchy “pillbox hat,” a watch cap, or even a skull cap.

Have fun!

This pattern is free. If you have enjoyed it, consider a one dollar payment. Thanks!


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